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The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes, by Neil Gaiman

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Gaiman, Neil. The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes. New York, NY: DC Comics, 1991. Print.

Annotation: Foolish mortals attempt to conjure Death, but Death is not what they bring; it is Morpheus, whose kingdom is that of dreams. After a 70 year imprisonment, he must struggle to regain his kingdom and power.


After 70 years, the Sandman is able to reach into a dream and escape his supernatural prison. With a parting spell for revenge, he leaves to set right his home and regain three talismans of his power that were lost when he was captured.

The first must be recovered from humans, who have been destroyed by its power. The next was sold to a demon, and has to be won back from hell. The final piece is being used against others by a man who has been twisted into a monster.

With epic themes and grisly depictions of other worlds, this is the first installment in a beloved classic for older teen readers.


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