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Bleach, by Tite Kubo

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Jonathan, 16, says “I really like manga, I read Bleach, Naruto, Love Hina, A.I. Love You, and Azumanga Daioh.”

Kubo, Tite. Bleach. San Francisco, CA: VIZ Media, LLC, 2004. Print.

Annotation: A teenager who can see ghosts takes on a new spiritual power that allows him to fight monsters in spirit form. There’s more to his friends than meets the eye, and his adventures continue to grow.

Booktalk: Ichigo Kurosaki knew he wasn’t normal. He’d seen ghosts his whole life, it was normal to him. He even helped them out when he could. But what kind of power causes that? And what else might be attracted to that power?

In the first volume of Bleach, we’re introduced to Ichigo and his ghosts; but also to the Soul Reapers, those who help the souls of the dead move on. It isn’t always simple though, and if a soul can’t let go of something here on earth, it can become a Hollow, a terrifying monster attracted to spiritual power. When a Hollow catches the scent of Ichigo’s power, he’s thrust into a new world. Soul Reaper Rukia must lend him her power so he can battle the Hollow that threatens his family. But will things ever be normal again?

This installment is just the beginning—for a glimpse at what the future holds for Ichigo and his friends, check out this fan-made trailer for the anime!


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