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I Shall Wear Midnight, by Terry Pratchett

Pratchett, Terry. I Shall Wear Midnight. New York, NY: Harper, 2010. Print.

Annotation: Tiffany Aching has grown up, and at 16 is the witch of all the Chalk. When trouble comes to find her, she’ll have to face it on her own to prove her place.

Booktalk: “CRIVENS!” Most people who have met the Nac Mac Feegles know to run if they hear that cry, but Tiffany Aching, witch of the Chalk, knows they can help her out of trouble—even if only by getting her into a different sort of trouble. Her wee blue friends can’t help her defeat the foe that comes for her now, however, and fighting him may tax her resources to the limit. But who is it that’s chasing her? Omens abound every time Tiffany looks around. She knows “omens” are a dime a dozen, and you pick the ones that fit—but she can’t help feeling like something else might really be going on. Can she decipher the clues the universe is sending her before it’s too late?


Andre Norton Award, 2010


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